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“We The People” Have Grievances

The following post is taken directly form “The Articles of Freedom Summary” agreed upon by publicly elected delegates from 48 states who attend the the “Continental Congress 2009” at Jekyll Island in Georgia.

How could anyone who has pledged their devotion to the Constitution, reconcile the following violations of the Constitution that are destroying America? When will it end?

  • For decades, our Government has been meddling in the internal affairs of other countries, without any Constitutional authority, causing foreign nationals to direct their hostilities towards us, which has given us a War on Terror and a growing Police State that is repugnant to the Fourth Amendment and the General Welfare of a Free People;
  • For decades, we have had undeclared wars in violation of the War Powers clauses of Articles I and II;
  • We are now gifting and lending public money and credit to private corporations for decidedly private purposes (corporate welfare), without any constitutional authority, whatsoever;
  • We have a fiat currency, in violation of the money clauses of Article I;
  • We have been emitting trillions of dollars worth of Bills of Credit through or under the auspices of the Federal Reserve System in violation of Article I;
  • We have been incurring trillions of dollars worth of debt for the payment of expenditures for programs and activities that are not enumerated in Article I, and therefore not authorized;
  • We have a fraudulently ratified 16th Amendment in violation of Article V, a direct, un-apportioned tax on labor in violation of the tax clauses of Article I, and a judicial system that refuses to consider the evidence, in violation of Article III;
  • For decades we have had unenforced immigration laws in violation of that mandate, plainly-worded in Article II, that requires the President to “faithfully execute” all the laws passed by Congress;
  • We have a President whose father was not a citizen of the United States, a violation of Article II;
  • We are counting our votes in secret, as all machines do, in violation of our constitutional right not only to vote but to know that our votes are being accurately counted;
  • We have an absence of well-regulated state militias, and we have federal gun control laws, all in violation of the Second Amendment;
  • For decades, in violation of the sovereignty clauses of the Declaration of Independence, the United States has been entering into treaties, contracts and relationships with foreign entities, and giving authority to international bodies, dissipating, destroying and undermining America’s sovereignty;
  • We have private land being taken for private purposes in violation of the Fifth Amendment;
  • We have a Government about to become a provider of Health Care, and about to order the People to purchase a product, powers that are not enumerated in Article I, and therefore not authorized;
  • We have money bills originating in the Senate, in violation of Article I;
  • We have a Senate that is using a supermajority vote to decide whether to enact a law, without an amendment to the Constitution, all in violation of Article I, Sections 3 and 5, and Article 5;
  • These violations have challenged the Constitutional Republic of the United States and Her People to Its core.


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    My Fellow Combat Veterans, Brothers and Sisters

    Oath Keepers

    I appreciate all of the sacrifices our war veterans have made and continue to make. Please know there are many Americans who stand with you, our Armed Forces, as you fulfill your Oath to defend the US Constitution and the American People.

    Please be aware also, that there are elements in our society who have determined that the US Constitution and The People are not worthy of defense, as evidenced in the recent deliberations and eventual passing by Congress of
    the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. Albeit our armed forces are supported by this bill, there are also portions of it which have essentially nullified the American Peoples Bill of Rights as set forth in our Constitution.

    Having swore the Oath to Defend The Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic on multiple occasions as well, I invite you to become aware of a group of Military Veterans. Law Enforcement Officers, and Fire Fighters, Active Duty and Retired, who have made it a point to stand together as Guardians of The Republic in Defense of Our Constitution and the American People.

    The Oath Keepers

    For the sake of the Principles of Liberty outlined in our Founding documents, our Unalienable Rights to Freedom, America and The American People, please take a few moments to visit http://www.oathkeepers.org to understand the mission your fellow brothers and sisters in arms have gladly taken upon themselves to Guard our Great Republic.

    We need you and all of the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighter to Keep Your Oath and ensure the American People are never subjagated to repression of our liberty and freedom, or denied our rights
    by a potential totalitarian or dictatorial regime. This cannot and will not happen.

    “Not On Our Watch”

    In Freedom and Liberty,
    TSgt Lou Riccio
    USAF 1982 – 1994, F-16 Avionics Technician
    USAR 2003 – 2004. OIF 1.5 Log Base Seitz, Iraq

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    Ron Paul: The Only One We Can Trust

    Congressman Ron Paul is the leading advocate for freedom in our nation’s capital. As a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Dr. Paul tirelessly works for limited, constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies. He is known among his congressional colleagues and his constituents for his consistent voting record. Dr. Paul never votes for legislation unless the proposed measure is expressly authorized by the Constitution.In the words of former Treasury Secretary William Simon, Dr. Paul is the “one exception to the Gang of 535″ on Capitol Hill.

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    “We Hold These Truths…” Do You Remember Those Words Senator?

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident . . .”

    In 1989, a series of revolutions swept through central Eastern Europe, as the peoples of Poland, Hungary, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Romania threw off the communist regimes that had held their countries in an oppressive iron grip for more than forty years.

    Delivering his State of the Union Address in 1990, President Bush remarked on the stunning advances in freedom that had captured the world’s attention over the previous year. Here, he recalled an incident that took place in the midst of the revolution in Czechoslovakia. At a workers’ rally outside Prague, a brewery worker took to the platform and began to recite the words of the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident . . .” Speaking to a crowd of more than one thousand workers he said, “Americans understood these rights more than 200 years ago. We are only now learning to believe that we are entitled to the same rights.”

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    Is There Not A Cause?

    Is There Not A Cause?

    Here’s a quick bit of southern humor that says a whole bunch…

    South Carolina Declares War!

    Pres. Obama was in the Oval Office when his telephone rang.

    “Hello? President Obama?” a deep southern voice said,

    “This here’s Archie down at Joe’s Catfish Shack in Charleston South Carolina, and I am callin’ to tell all y’all up there in Washington that we are officially declaring war on you folks.”

    “Well, Archie,” Barack replied, “this is, indeed, some very interesting news. How big is your army?”

    “Right now,” said Archie, after a moment’s calculation, “there’s me, my cousin Harold and my next door neighbor Randy plus the whole dart team here in Hooters. That makes 8 of us!”

    Barack paused.

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