Bill Introduced to Further Regulate Georgia Right-to-Carry

The Georgia House has a new bill circulating which will require a firearms safety course in order to secure a concealed carry permit. The story was posted Thursday 1/19 on the NRA-ILA website.

On January 13, state Representative Roger Bruce (D-64) introduced legislation that would undermine Georgia’s Right-to-Carry law. House Bill 735 would amend the current carry law by mandating a firearms safety training course within one year of application for Georgia Firearm Permit.

HB 735 would require those applying for a Georgia weapons carry license for the first time, as well as those renewing their current license, to complete a four-hour firearms safety training course from either a weapons training instructor licensed by the Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies or a peace officer.

Read more at NRA-ILA: Bill Introduced to Further Regulate Georgia Right-to-Carry



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6 responses to “Bill Introduced to Further Regulate Georgia Right-to-Carry

  1. Guy Clericy

    Well ! I guess I will protect myself without one !!

    • Thanks for the comment Guy.

      It is just par as they want to make it as painful as possible for people so they will just forget the idea and not bother applying for the permit. In my opinion this is motivated by wanting to create a larger case for a gun ban because of the increasing rate of “illegal” gun concealments.

      Whatever the reasoning, I am with you, it is bull…


  2. Will

    I think it’s a GREAT Idea and it’s about time. Just because other states don’t require it…we should follow suit? When did Georgians start being followers instead of leaders. I support this bill and will do everything in my power to get it passed.

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