Panetta: Iran Has Not Yet Decided to Make a Nuclear Bomb

Looks like Bachmann and the rest of the Republican Presidential candidate warmongers are gonna eat some crow. When Ron Paul was saying that Iran didn’t have a weapon and we shouldn’t just go start another war, he was once again speaking the truth.

This can’t play well with the Federal war plans as U.S. Naval warships cruise toward confrontation. I wonder how the conflagaration will get ignited now that there really is no justification for the War Pigs to start WWIII?

WASHINGTON –  Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says Iran is laying the groundwork for making nuclear weapons someday, but is not yet building a bomb and called for continued diplomatic and economic pressure to persuade Tehran not to take that step.

As he has previously, Panetta cautioned against a unilateral strike by Israel against Iran’s nuclear facilities, saying the action could trigger Iranian retaliation against U.S. forces in the region.


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