Internet Access a “Civil Right”?

Internet Access a ’Civil Right?

The article asks “Is access to the Internet a “civil right?”   Hell No!!! They Need to keep their slimy statist hands off..!

By determining Internet access a civil right, the statists are prepping to get the federal tentacles all intertwined in what is propagated through those network pipes. Once they have a “civil right” status in place, they would have to make sure all was fair and good with the internet, providing “equal access” and “quality programming”. They would dictate would what could, and couldn’t be posted, as well as what is “right and proper”.

What the feds  deem as acceptable, would only be so if there was some catalyst within to fuel the advance of their statist agenda of expanding the government, directing influence and control over the populace, and being the supreme authority of all.

The Statist is marching to expand government where ever he sees opportunity, and targeting the internet for civil rights classification is no different and just sets it up for control by the Fed. The Progressives goal is to destroy Freedom and Liberty and  to move to the eventual “hard tyranny”.


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