To Georgia State Senator Nan Orrock, “We Are Red, White and Blue, Not Red Alone!”

Old Glory is Red, White and Blue New Zeal Blog » Red Reps 13: Georgia’s Socialist State Senator, Nan Orrock.

I bet she loved the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag  flying down at the Atlanta Federal Reserve Building…

To Georgia State Senator Nan Orrock, “We Are Red, White and Blue, Not Red Alone!”

Quoting from Trev’s post:

One of the reddest state politicians in the US South is Georgia State Senator Nan Orrock.

Nan Orrock

Orrock has been a State Representative in the Georgia House of Representatives since 1987 and a State Senator since 2006, representing inner-city Atlanta neighborhoods. She worked for ten years for passage of the Georgia Hate Crimes Act and continues to work on health, civil rights, civil liberties, workplace and union rights, and women’s issues. She is a founding executive committee member of the National Labor Caucus, a national network of union-friendly state legislators.

Orrock has been President of WiLL (Women Legislators Lobby), a national network of “progressive women state legislators who stand against excessive military spending and work to redirect those federal dollars to the greatly underfunded human services and environmental protection needs.”

WiLL is a program of WAND, Women’s Actions for New Directions, a national women’s group on whose staff Orrock has served since 1997.

Orrock, formerly known by the surnames Grogan and Guerrero,  got her start in politics through the civil rights movement, when she stepped into the streets on Aug. 28, 1963 to join the Socialist party organized March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. She went on to work for the communist infiltrated  (Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee) in Atlanta and Mississippi, led a community civil rights project in Virginia’s Black Belt counties, helped launch an alternative newspaper and joined women’s empowerment efforts in Atlanta.


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